Product News: Announcing 7 New Data Visualizations

New maps and charts

Today we are happy to announce 7 new data visualizations in Business Analyze.

New data visualizations are important because they make it easier for businesses to interpret and act on data with greater speed and efficiency.

In addition to various types of gauges, pie charts, bar and line charts, Business Analyze now supports:

  • country and regional maps
  • tree maps
  • heat maps
  • split bubble chart
  • packed bubble chart
  • waterfall diagrams
  • XYZ charts

Each chart type has special capabilities to help users see patterns, spot outliers, and draw conclusions from data faster.

Example of XYZ chart showing 3 dimensions.

Create more insightful reports

The new visualizations help companies analyze data for a wider range of business cases and data sets.

The waterfall graph, for example, is particularly useful for companies with recurring revenues. It makes it easier to analyze and predict changes in revenues by graphically presenting inflows and outflows over time. Heat maps on the other hand, make it much easier to show concentration levels at a specific point in time.

– As businesses struggle to keep up with growing amounts of data, the role of business analytics tools is to provide users with faster ways to visualize and consume that data, says Frode Svensson, CTO at Business Analyze.

– This latest product release will help businesses find meaning in data that is difficult to find in any other way.

Example of waterfall visualization with positive and negative values and cumulative sum.


Example of the heat map which uses color-shading to help users quickly pick out high and low levels of activity or events.


The data visualizations are available in Business Analyze (cloud version).

Cloud customers received the update as part of the latest software release.

Note: Customers will likely need to structure data in order to make the visualizations meaningful. If you are used to working with data, you can do this with a Developer license. Our data consultants will also help you. See ‘Services’ or contact Customer Success.

For more release news, please see release notes in our community.

Best technology in the world? 

Business Analyze charting components are based on HighCharts. Highcharts are leaders in charting technology and provide service to world leading companies.

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    Business Analyze helps Norwegian Center for Information Security with ‘real-time’ solution for Security Monitoring and Intelligence

    NorSIS is an independent organization and partner to the government, businesses and research facilities in the subject of cyber security.

    Both businesses, organisations and private citizens can meet digital threats and safety risks on the internet. Because of this, it’s important for NorSIS to have, at every given time, an up-to-date view of threats and developments.

    Business Analyze has helped NorSIS with development of Cybervarsel, an analytics and data visualisation solutions which gathers data in one place and presents incidents and statistics in real-time.

    More information in Norwegian

    “Løsningen gir oss en effektiv og visuell oversikt over situasjonsbilde, hvor en før måtte forholde seg til flere systemer og løsninger», sier Vidar Sandland.

    Cybervarsel viser hvor mange sikkerhetssaker som er til behandling, utvikling og trender innen sikkerhet, samt hvilke hjelpemidler og veiledninger som blir brukt.

    Data i løsningen kommer inn fra nettsteder som og med Google Analytics og Live Agent som kilder, og gir løpende oppdateringer på digitale dashbord i Business Analyze.

    Løsningen brukes nå internt hos NorSIS, og vil på sikt kunne tilbys norske virksomheter for å informere om trusler og trender.

    Cybervarsel dashboard sammenstiler data og et “real time” oversiktsbilde på hendelser og statistikk i NorSIS.



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      Business Analyze strengthens presence in Denmark: New country manager

      Picture of Brian Thenning

      We are happy to announce that Brian Thenning has joined Business Analyze as country manager in Denmark. Brian has more than 25 years experience in sales, consulting and project management at leading Nordic IT companies including Visma and SuperOffice.

      We also warmly welcome Dennis Mortensgaard, as technical consultant. He will work closely with Business Analyze Customer Success Team to advise and support clients with technical implementations. He is specialist in the areas of SQL and SuperOffice CRM.

      With the strong local team in Denmark, we are better able to provide our growing number of Danish customers with local service and support.

      “Business Analyze is specialised in data visualisation, analytics and dashboard solutions that help customers reach their goals and build a fact-based business culture,” says Brian.

      “Sales analytics is a particularly exciting area because most companies I know are looking to increase revenues and grow,” he concludes.

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        Puzzel ramps up CRM & Sales Analytics to Speed Growth

        To support double digit growth, Puzzel is undertaking a bold plan to upgrade  CRM processes and modernize sales reporting. Results so far include sales teams achieving monthly activity targets 20-30% more often and sales forecasting accuracy improving to within 98%.

        New technologies and routines improve performance and decision-making

        Puzzel, recognized by Gartner for the third year in a row as a leader in contact center solutions, experienced year-on-year growth of 20% and has ambitious growth targets this year.

        The company, who supports more than 500 customers across the Nordics, UK and Baltics, expanded into Finland in early 2018 and was chosen by insurance company – If –  to support the largest cloud-based contact center in Europe, with a solution for telephony, web chat, Facebook, e-task (e.g. e-task in CRM) and SMS.

        To continue high growth levels, the company is taking clear steps to support management level decision-making and sales performance. One of the key initiatives, is a bold plan to upgrade their CRM processes and modernize their sales reporting.

        We are fortunate to have exceptional sales teams in 6 countries, but we can’t fully reach our potential without taking advantage of CRM data and insights. We must instantly and reliably see what is going, at all times, if we are going to make our goals a reality.
        Gunnar Aasen, Chief Commercial Officer

        Limited by static sales reporting

        The CRM system wasn’t being used to its full potential. Sales added select data to the CRM system before weekly reporting deadlines and sales directors exported the data to Excel in order to create reports.

        As a result, the management team relied on sales reports created by each country to know ‘what’ is happening. The reports were quickly outdated and didn’t allow leaders to explore ‘why’ things were happening.

        Because the company used a variety of other tools for email, quotes and proposal processes, important background information was missing from sales reports.

        The company, therefore, stepped up routines and implemented systems that made reliable sales reports available online, from one location.

        Fresh approach with deeper insight

        When Aasen joined Puzzel in 2016, the company started a two-pronged approach: 1) systematically addressing places where their CRM strategy was slipping; and 2) investing in a business analytics tool – Business Analyze.

        Aasen has deep experience both using, selling and implementing sales enablement technologies, in addition to contact center solutions.

        –  The first step was to start logging everything in our SuperOffice CRM. It is a very good tool, but like every system, it is only as good as how we use it. We cleaned out many custom fields and tried  to use SuperOffice as it was designed.

        –  We worked in teams to develop a mutual understanding of why sales data and measurement is so important. Then we invested in Business Analyze to make this data readily accessible and meaningful.

        –  During the past 1-2 years we have had many other projects and of course sales opportunities that took priority at times, but we remained committed to better internal routines.

        Better data and decisions

        Now Puzzel is consistently capturing and using data as a decision-making tool. Live dashboard reports help leaders and their teams understand day-to-day progress – and what needs to be done going forward. Because errors in sales figures are so obvious on dashboards, the reporting accuracy has increased to approx. 95%.

        Other improvements include:

        • Automated – Revenue and activity reports are automatically generated and displayed for the board, sales directors and individuals.
        • Consistent – The lowest level information is rolled-up to higher level, leaving no room for inconsistency.
        • Performance improvements – In each region, sales directors actively use Business Analyze as a coaching tool.
        • Goal achievements – 20-30% more often achieve weekly activity targets.

        CEO Børge Astrup’s office monitor shows live sales figures  so he sees what’s going on at any given time.

        Complete control

        “Good data and reporting for decision making processes is essential for our growth. For example, our pipeline used to be inflated but now the forecast is 95% accurate – and so is overall reporting accuracy. We have better control and can plan ahead.”

        “We believe we have to be measured in order to improve.  Methodically working with CRM and Business Analyze has become a normal part of our culture. It’s helping us reach ambitious growth targets,” concludes Aasen.

        For more information:

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          Try the Power of the Data Connector

          The data connector is a smart piece of software that enables data from on-premise versions of SuperOffice and/0r many other databases and applications to be analyzed and displayed by Business Analyze cloud-based solution.

          If you want greater benefits from a modern cloud analytics tool, but aren’t ready to move data from installed or on-premise databases, then Data Connector is the right tool for you.

          Use this list to evaluate how the Data Connector fits into your cloud migration and data optimisation strategy and then try it out.

          Simplify SuperOffice migration

          No need to wait. You can go ahead with business analytics in the cloud while evaluating migrating SuperOffice to the cloud.

          Small step

          Rather than migrating CRM and analytics at the same time, Data Connector lets you separate the two into smaller, simpler steps. You can gain the benefits of cloud analytics immediately rather than waiting for other migration projects to be completed.

          Better view of customers

          Do you use business systems for invoicing, marketing or customer service in addition to SuperOffice? The Data connector makes it easier to connect data sources for a better overview of customers and business performance. The more data you connect, the deeper insight you gain.

          Access to self-serve analytics

          Does your product managers, head of customer service or digital marketing team send you reports or gather analytics in separate tools? Why not save time and gather everything in one place?

          Free software upgrades and always updated

          When you connect SuperOffice to cloud analytics, you get free software updates as part of the service. Updates are done automatically so you save the expense of having someone install new versions on local servers. You automatically have access to all the new functions, features and content.

          No risk – try it for free

          Contact us and we’ll get set up. No obligation.


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