All-in-one Business Intelligence Platform

Everything you need to track metrics, optimise processes and encourage high performance across your organisation.


All your KPIs in one place

No matter your industry or company size, Business Analyze makes it easy to monitor business performance.

With quick access to KPIs you know exactly what is happening and can guide your team in the right direction.

KPIs are automatically updated from underlying data sources, saving time and ensuring decision-makers can base decisions on the most up to date information.

  • Gain visibility across every department and process
  • Follow up strategies and improve operational efficiency
  • Reduce risk of making decisions on wrong information

Build custom dashboards

Once you have Business Analyze dashboards, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without them. These interactive dashboards make it easy to visualise patterns, trends, gaps and other quantitative information that is critical to success.

Use our range of templates, build custom dashboards from scratch, or let our data visualisation experts make dashboards for you.

When dashboards are ready, simply grant users access and share reports across multiple devices and formats.

Analyze data and find answers

Business Analyze’s self-service analytics make it easy for everyone to explore data and find answers. Gather data, apply formulas and easily filter, sort, and group data by multiple levels and variables.

Instead of waiting for reports or digging through spreadsheets, everyone has access to essential data when it’s needed.


Motivate with fun contests

Which team will hit their budget first? Who is this months winner? Everyone loves a friendly competition, but keeping score is time-consuming if you don’t have the right tools.

Business Analyze eliminates the problem by enabling you run contests based on data.

  • Automatically track score
  • Provide live progress updates to participants across devices
  • Motivate by sending comments and congratulations

Improve and simplify reporting

Generating weekly, monthly and quarterly reports is a burden on most organisations. It’s time consuming and information is quickly outdated.

Take reporting to a new level and automate the entire flow of gathering, merging, calculating and charting data. This modern tool makes it easy to provide accurate, timely, and informative reports to key stakeholders on demand.

Businesss Analyze makes it easy to share reports through role-based dashboards, print, pdf, URL, Excel and other formats.


Built for everyone

When you choose Business Analyze you get smart, secure and affordable cloud technology. Start small and add data, users, and dashboards as you go.


Senior Management

Simply login and view valuable information that is presentation-ready. With Business Analyze you are the first to know what’s happening and can work more proactively.


Business Professionals

Click through dashboards and sort, group or pivot data on every level of detail. Reports update dynamically as you explore data with ready-made filters and tabs.


Data Experts

Business Analyze includes powerful designer and developer tools to help you structure data, add formulas and customise dashboards for various user groups.

Important features


Data preparation

Collect, validate and manipulate cloud or on-premise data from multiple sources.

Highly customisable

Advanced customising and scripting for designers and developers.

Unlimited dashboards

Add unlimited number of dashboards and centrally manage user access-rights.


Data exploration

Segment and explore data with multi-level drill downs, quick filters, sorting and other functions.

Advanced reporting

Support for advanced, multi-level, multi-currency reporting on all organisation levels.

Available in 6 languages

User interface supports English, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Dutch and German.

Easy to get started

Our proven implementation methodology helps you drive value by bringing together strategies, people and technology.



Define your goals and connect to data. Business Analyze supports relational databases, Web APIs, Excel and more.



Monitor progress, create reports and make your data stand out with crisp visualizations.



Communicate goals clearly and provide valuable facts, reports and updates to internal and external stakeholders – on demand.

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