Sales Scoreboards

Focus your teams, generate excitement and get everyone pulling towards the same goals.


Run employee contests and showcase achievements

Business Analyze helps you motivate internal teams by turning everyday tasks into friendly competition. With automatic score tracking, live progress updates, and theme-based scoreboards, you can build excitement and celebrate success together.


Track scores

Without the right focus, valuable selling time can quickly slip away. Our digital scoreboards keep goals top-of-mind helping sales teams stay focus on goals, key opportunities and revenue-generating activities.

Show live updates

Static emails and updates can’t generate the same excitement as live action. Pull the latest data direct from point-of-entry and stream it out so everyone feels part of the excitement.

Celebrate success

The small wins add up, making a big impact on motivation and results. Communicate each success across the organisation and give people the recognition they deserve for a job well done.

Every kind of competition

Static emails and updates can’t generates the same excitement as live action. With instant updates streamed to desktop, mobile and office TV screens, everyone knows what’s happening.

  • Individual competition
  • Team competition
  • Any goal or metric

Stream updates to TV screens

Share scoreboards to office TV screens, desktops and mobile devices.

Celebrate each new contract or record high sales. See who is generating the most leads. Something special happens when you combine action and music. Business Analyze keeps excitement levels high and momentum strong – plus it shows people just how much you value their efforts.


All in one solution

Why have separate software for sales reporting and sales competitions when you can have both in same place?

Business Analyze is a complete, all-in-one solution enabling you to understand AND motivate high performance at the same time – without re-entering data, synching users or managing more software.


“The first month we used Business Analyze scoreboards we exceeded our targets! This is a brilliant set-up to have in our office.”

Try a scoreboard today

Scoreboards are easy to set up. Let us know where you have sales data (e.g. Excel, CRM system) and we’ll help you connect.