Business Analyze for Superoffice

Business Analyze is powerful Business Intelligence software that collects, analyzes and presents data directly from SuperOffice and other systems to help you improve business performance.

Use SuperOffice data in powerful new ways

Gain the insights you need to help sales leaders forecast more accurately, meet pipeline requirements, coach sales reps, and run contests. No CRM selections or spreadsheets required.

Business Analyze also enables you to mix CRM with other data and provide management, finance and operations with clear visibility into operations, profits and cashflow.


Gain insight into sales, revenues, projects, profits and cashflow

Check status, review trends and share forecasts

Answer questions about customers, processes, and performance


Run contests and create excitement around KPIs


Streamline daily routines and follow up activities


Avoid time-consuming spreadsheet routines


Connect in seconds

Business Analyze is designed to immediately transform SuperOffice data into meaningful insights and seize new opportunities. In just a few clicks, you’ll be able to connect to SuperOffice and pull your data into a full set of best-practice dashboards for sales, service, marketing, GDPR consent and more. Our dashboards help you understand data and make informed decisions.

Build your own dashboards

Business Analyze pre-built dashboards are just the start. With this powerful business intelligence tool you can join data and design your own dashboards. Customise virtually every label, chart and touch point the way you want. There’s virtually unlimited possibilities to what you can do.


Benefits for everyone

For senior management

Make data stored in CRM and other systems an asset CEO, CFO and leader teams can use to plan, maneuver and make informed decisions.

For leaders and managers

Build custom reports to provide leaders and managers complete and accurate views of key metrics and figures.

For CRM admins

Improve CRM data quality and adoption, and deliver better information to decision-makers.


Reporting and analytics is one of the most important functions of CRM systems. Get a demo to see what a difference reporting can make.

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