Dashboards, Analytics, and Reporting for Visma

Are you struggling to get the insight you need with your current reporting tools?

Tired of exporting data to Excel? Looking for a visual tool to communicate progress or key results?

Business Analyze makes it easy to analyze, chart and share insights from Vima ERP systems with your organisation.

Why use Business Analyze and Visma together?

Business Analyze (business intelligence software) flows data from Visma ERP system into your hands – and the hands of other authorized users.

This tool automatically transforms raw data into usable information for decision-making – saving your from complex manual routines. .

With an accurate status of business health, financial figures, comparison reports and other key figures you and your teams can act faster and more confidently..

  • Avoid spreadsheet frustration
  • Simplify data analysis
  • Eliminate complex KPI calculations
  • Easily share status updates and trends with executive team
  • Provide order, delivery and invoice info to front-line workers
  • Support finance and accounting with financial insights
  • Communicate data in a way that is easy to understand
  • Visual and intuitive

Analyzing and sharing data has never been so easy

Connect in minutes

Business Analyze pulls data Visma data into dashboards so you can make decisions based on fresh insights. Even as Visma changes or updates their software, we will maintain the connection for you.

Smart dashboards

Immediately get new insight into finance and operations – and be more confident in your decision-making. With Business Analyze, Visma data is organized and charted in easy to use dashboards.

30+ KPIs

Save hours of complicated calculations with our extensive library of KPIs covering sales, operations, finance and more. By having key figures and metrics readily available on dashboards, you will be better able to assess and improve business success.

Adapts as you go

Quickly and easily personalize dashboard reports to suit the needs of different people and functions. You can connect additional data and add users as required.

Securely share insights

Safely and securely share Visma data with colleagues. Business Analyze provides several sharing methods including dashboard access, share URL, export to common formats etc.

Want to see more?

These 7 dashboards provide CFOs and other key decision-makers with instant visibility into activities, projects, trends, issues, and results. With them, you can answer important questions like: Are products selling according to plan? Which customers are your most profitable? Is there enough cash coming in? And many more.

Each dashboard is pre-populated with your data when you connect to Visma. Try it today to get the control and insight you always wanted.


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