Net Promoter Score Dashboards

Do you measure Net Promoter Score? Are you planning to measure customer loyalty soon?

Sending out a survey is a great start, but having effective tools and processes in place to drive loyalty is equally important.

Why use Business Analyze?

Business Analyze helps you get the most out of your efforts because it calculates scores – on an ongoing basis – and makes feedback immediately available on dashboards. Not only do you save time, you help customer-facing teams know when there is an issue that needs attention.

With better access to feedback, customer-facing teams can work pro-actively to address the issue in a timely fashion. The faster they reach out, the faster they can build relationships.

Senior leaders and stakeholders gain insight into customer feedback and can use that insight to increase customer retention and growth.

Sample dashboard

Let’s assume you want to share Net Promoter Scores with key stakeholders for the year to date. How could this look?

In the report above, the overall score is represented in blue dots.

You point-and-click the colored areas of the bar graph to see the number of promoters, passives and detractors.

There is a drill-down report that shows a detailed list of responses.

The detractor drill-down, for example, provides full details about each customer with score=0-6. You also see their contact details and comments (if they have answered an open-ended question.)  This list is easy to share with people that are skilled at addressing issues.

If you connect your NPS data to CRM data in Business Analyze, there are many additional ways to simplify workflows, assign tasks, track trends and analyze loyalty by segment. You can answer questions like: ‘Which customer type is most likely to recommend our product?’ or ‘What sales channel gets the highest score?’ If you ask more questions, you can add these and dig deeper into what customers do or do not like.

The first step

The first step is to connect your survey data to Business Analyze. This may be stored in a customer feedback tool like Questback, your own database, or Excel spreadsheets.

Are you interested in learning more?

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