Trust Center

How we provide secure and efficient data access and analysis in the cloud

Best practice security

Business Analyze uses well tested technologies to ensure the best possible security for our customers. Socket Layer (SSL) encryption and user authentication protects your information and ensures that only users within your own organization can access your data.

24×7 performance monitoring

Business Analyze servers and internet line capacity are monitored around the clock to provide users with maximum uptime.

High stability

All data is stored by our hosting partner on servers located in Norway. Servers have redundant power supplies with separate UPS, raid-mirroring of all critical disks in case of disk failure, and redundant network-cards.

Would you like more details? We’ll gladly send you our Cloud Security Statement.

System Status

This is where you can find information about planned system updates or unplanned interruptions.


Certified in SuperOffice App Store

Business Analyze for SuperOffice has been built on SuperOffice API’s and meets SuperOffice requirements for security and performance.