How to turn dashboards into office screens

People tell us that they would like to share dashboards and KPIs on TV screens or wall monitors. They want everyone to feel a part of what is happening. Do you also want your employees to know what’s going on? Are HD screens or monitors a channel you want to use?

If you use Business Analyze, turning dashboards into office screens is easy. If you are not currently using our dashboards, it is possible to present and share frequently changing numbers or statistics on screens by synchronizing dashboard data with the source.

Reuse dashboards

It is easy to connect a PC to a monitor and post static information. It is more difficult when you have numerical information that changes often. How do you update the screen with information from a system or database? How to you combine numbers with text and pictures in a good way? The design needs to be eye-catching and easy to understand.

A good idea is to reuse or repurpose dashboards for a HD screen. As you expect, information will be automatically updated because it is connected to the raw data. You don’t have to re-enter data or keep track of changes. Once you decide what information you want to post, organise it on dashboards, add headings, pictures, or your company logo, and share on a good quality monitor.

Design the screens

Consider a case when you want to combine numerical information with non-numerical information. For example the revenue generated per sales team and a picture of the prize or reward – maybe even the number of days left in the challenge.

This is accomplished by combining information onto a new dashboard. Add pictures, some encouraging words and a ‘Revenue per Team’ report. Like designing any good user experience, decide what you want to communicate first, and design afterwards.

Some examples of information you can put on screens include:

  • KPIs per department or office
  • % of a goal or target achieved and the potential reward
  • example of a project or service delivered
  • company events or announcements
  • latest customer wins or agreements (ie. Top 10 Deals)
  • new employee welcome notice

See the video

This video will give you a clearer idea of what is possible and how it is done using the ‘Slideshow’ functionality.


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