8 Biggest Benefits of Business Intelligence Software

Why should your business use Business Intelligence? Who will benefit and what should you know before you start? Get answers to these important questions here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Because Business Intelligence software provides such a breadth of benefits, many types of businesses and teams can benefit from it. Business Analyze is used by all size organisations in almost every industry, including manufacturers, distributors and agents/franchises.

With Business Analyze you can connect and analyze data from your company business systems. This includes CRM system, customer service, ERP, or other databases you may have. See examples.

Business Analyze is tested and trusted by hundreds of businesses. In fact, the Norwegian Centre for Information Security is one of our customers.

Business intelligence is used by CEOs, management teams, business professionals and data analysts on every level. Because access to data is centrally controlled and managed, each person accesses only cleary defined data sets based on their user-rights.

Business intelligence software should always be set up to match your specific requirements. If dashboards aren’t accurate, relevant and in the right context, you won’t get the value you should. Normal set-up involves defining requirements, connecting data, configuring dashboards and onboarding users.

Business Analyze has a standard starting price per user. In addition, we offer a variety of services to help you succeed with business intelligence – whether you want to outsource business intelligence to our team of experts or do-it-yourself in house.

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