Webinar: How to use ERP and CRM data like industry leaders

Ask any leader and they’ll probably agree that they would like a better way to forecast revenues and manage cash flows. Wouldn’t you like to start the month with a clear view of what is going to happen?

In this webinar, you will see how you can get more value from your ERP and CRM data. By combining and uncovering data hidden in your systems, you have a better picture of finances and customers, and can make better decisions based on that information.

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Tuesday November 15 (in Norwegian)
Hvordan få bedre avkastning fra CRM og ERP data som leder
9:00am – 10 am CET
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Wednesday November 16 (in English)
10:00am- 11:00 am CET
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The webinar will include:

  • How analytics can help business planning and sales management
  • How to use new reports for managing sales, revenues, bookings and billing
  • What you can learn by analyzing your historic pipeline

We will share practical examples based on our experience implementing cloud analytics at Visma and other leading European companies.

Who should attend?

  • Existing Business Analyze customers that want to take analytics to the next level
  • CEOs, business leaders, and sales managers who would like to learn more about how analytics can help their business
  • Companies that use systems from Visma or SuperOffice

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Einar Gynnild, CEO, Business Analyze.

Einar Gynnild is the CEO of Business Analyze. He is responsible for the vision and development of the company, and spends most of his time meeting customers. Before co-founding Business Analyze, Einar founded a sales automation company and one of Norway’s leading CRM companies. When SuperOffice acquired the CRM Company in 2000, Einar was appointed Director of Sales.

Under Einar’s leadership, Business Analyze has transformed from an on-premise software provider to a pure SaaS company. The company serves more than 400 companies in 11 countries.