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If you have SuperOffice Analyze on-premise or another on-premise version of Business Analyze, it’s time to GO CLOUD! We make it easy. Try it now, without having to move your existing solution.

Better, Faster with Less Effort :
Move from on-premise to the cloud today!

According to research, “leading organizations in every industry are wielding data and analytics as competitive weapons.” Did you also know that they are increasingly moving from on-premise analytics to cloud services to help them?

When you move Business Analyze to the cloud, you make it easier for your company to analyse data in order to speed up growth.

Move to our cloud solution today and ensure that everyone has access to the information they need -in real-time. You can connect data, analyze performance and share updates in more ways than ever before.

More of the benefits – without the hassle

If you’ve ever experienced problems with system upgrades, synching systems or keeping data structured,  Business Analyze cloud platform will help.

Not only do you do you avoid time-consuming maintenance and upgrades, we also take care of back up and technical support.

Why not give yourself a break and provide your company with the next generation analytics technology at the same time?

Always up to date

You receive software upgrades automatically and faster access to new products

No firewall hassle

Greater accessibility for internal or external stakeholders

Faster answers

Email our support team and get closer to the software developers

Less IT maintenance

Hosting, back-up and support is included

Mobile app

Never miss out! Access insights on-the-go with the mobile app.

Greater adaptability

With permission, we can quickly tweak, build or fix dashboards directly in your solution

Easier to connect multiple data sources

The more data your gather and analyze, the greater value you can create for users in all roles and functions – and ultimately for your customers.

Now it’s easier than ever to connect Business Analyze to a wide range of data sources.

Check to see data connections

Do like other leading companies and move to the cloud today!


Geir Dyran

Geir J.Dyran
Bus. Performance Manager

“We have gone from servers to a more forward-looking cloud solution. The transition was completely smooth and we didn’t even notice when it happened. We are very pleased Business Analyze . ”

Try it today!

Try the cloud solution today, including our new mobile app. You can continue to use your existing solution while you evaluate the new one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You need SuperOffice version 7.0 or newer. You can also connect other data sources through our standard connections with Rest API.

Moving to cloud analytics probably takes less effort that you think.

If you are moving to SuperOffice CRM Online and currently use the standard dashboards and reports in SuperOffice Analyze, your data will be pulled from SuperOffice CRM Online and be ready for analyzing in a matter of minutes. This is possible because of the unique, pre-configured way SuperOffice Analyze uses SuperOffice’s data mirroring service.

If you have installed SuperOffice version 7.0 or new on your own servers or at a hosting provider, moving normally involves installing the simple, yet functional Data Connector.

That depends on data sources and how the reports were originally designed. In most cases, custom reports or dashboards will be set up in the new application. We help you based on your specific requirements.

Business Analyze uses the most modern methods available to securely transfer and store data. The platform has been tested and approved by SuperOffice. Data is stored at secure hosting facilities in Norway by one of Europe’s leading hosting service providers.

We help you connect to various data sources, systems, applications and relational databases. See also: Integrations.

We know cost is a top concern when moving to a cloud-based solution. Let us know you are considering a move, so we can discuss price. We value the relationship we have with you and our history together.

We value each and every customers and we don’t want any to get left behind.  Everything is easier when you switch. With your permission, we can even access your dashboards and work directly with you to analyze data.  This kind of on-the-fly support simply isn’t available any other way.