Why does Business Analyze offer compared to SuperOffice dashboards?

BA + SuperOffice

Both SuperOffice dashboards and Business Analyze (business intelligence software) are powerful tools – they help you be more successful by fully utilizing your CRM. But which one should you choose? What are the differences? Can they work together?

Similiar on first glance

SuperOffice dashboards and Business Analyze help you be more successful by fully utilising your CRM. Both tools present CRM data in graphs and table,  helping you to understand customer behavior, sales processes, marketing activities and key performance indicators.

At first glance these tools look similar because they present Superoffice data visually – they both give a quick overview of facts on dashboards. In other ways, however, they are very different.

What are the differences?

SuperOffice dashboards offer a variety of standard reports about core CRM areas including sales, activities, campaigns, customers, and projects.

Business Analyze goes beyond standard dashboards to provide everyone, including CEOs and leader teams with personlised experiences and self-serve analytics.

The following diagram shows 9 key differences:

Key featureExplanation
Add data from another sourceCombine data from ERP, HR, surveys or feedback tools with SuperOffice data.
Set targets and track progressInput KPIs, budgets or other goals and get status updates about percent achieved, percent remaining etc.
Create custom reportsSpecify exactly what data should be presented and how.
Add SuperOffice UDEF fields to reportsAdd to reports UDEF (user-defined fields) in SuperOffice
Design dashboards to match requirementsChange colors, fonts, alignments, chart types and properties or create your own style sheets with CSS
Add elements to dashboardsAdd text, links, videos or images to a dashboard to provide users with additional information.
Share facts on a TV or office screenDisplay dashboards or individual elements on widescreens/TV displays. Use to keep up motivation around KPI’s or targets and share successes.
Enable 3rd party accessEnable 3rd parties to securely access select dashboards. Useful for sharing insights with channel partners, members, daughter-companies or subsidiaries etc.
Display data on all levelsBreak down data by country, department, business group, function, region etc. or multiple criteria. E.g. Department x in Country Y. Good when you have complex organisational structure.

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