True insights to help leaders and teams

Analytics for managers and leaders

Business leaders know that decisions must be based on facts not just than feelings. However, gathering the facts can be difficult – or take too long. Information is often fragmented.

That’s why CEO’s and other leaders turn to Business Analyze for a complete, up-to-date view of their business.

  • see how the business is operating and where value is being created
  • predict and plan ahead
  • follow up and communicate KPIs with live status reports
  • see clearly where there are issues or oopportunities

Analytics for sales and marketing

Bring marketing and sales closer together by using Business Analyze to measure important metrics and gain customer insight across the entire buying process.

  • use dashboards to focus on the right activities
  • gain insight into the best lead sources
  • keep tracks on marketing and sales metrics (including recurring revenues)
  • understand where there is lost deals or opportunities and why
  • generate daily, weekly or monthly reports automatically

Analytics for customer service

Customer service is about understanding customers and effectively building relationships. Business Analyze helps you improve service because instead of guessing, you use real customer data to see what customer want and how you can make them happy.

  • quickly access key metrics and optimise responses
  • measure how well you are able to respond
  • get complete history of interactions, feedback, purchases and requests

A totally new way to see what is happening

Business Analyze is a totally new way to see what is happening on all different levels of the business. We get an immediate overview of leads, new sales, wins, losses, budgets and finances. Everyone in sales, marketing and management has found it very motivating to have greater visibility of what’s going on and what we need to do.

Henning B. Nilsen, Marketing Manager

Analytics for customer feedback and surveys

Does your survey or feedback tools provide limited analysis and reporting? Do you want to simplify ongoing or continuous surveys?

With Business Analyze you can do advanced analytics with ease and automate reporting. The results are easier to understand and you save hours of time doing calculations and preparing reports.

  • gather feedback from many systems into in one place
  • prepare reports and present results automatically on dashboards
  • create action lists and prioritize responses based on feedback

Let’s get you started

Getting started with analytics is easier than you think.
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