Data-driven Sales Performance

Everything you need to track KPIs, get instant insight into sales processes and encourage high performance.

Lift sales to new heights

Data is an essential resource for modern sales teams. But data is seldom organized in a format that leaders can use. There’s often too much data that doesn’t give value.

Business Analyze overcomes this problem by organizing data to benefit your team and company goals.  With data -driven sales processes you gain visibility and can work effectively for maximum revenue and business impact.


Goal-Setting and KPI Tracking

Business Analyze makes targets, activities and key sales metrics visible and shows live progress, helping everyone stay focused and motivated.

Sales Analytics

Easily analyze sales data and customer data to understand what’s working, what to stop and where there are new opportunities. In-depth reporting features provide the insight you need.

Sales Dashboards

Our pre-built and custom dashboards make it easy to access and share updated sales results, wins and achievements with the people that matter most.

Gauge showing sales versus budget

Track and visualise key sales metrics

The best sales teams track key sales metrics and measure performance.

However, gathering the data you need and preparing reports can be overwhelming – especially if you don’t have a team of analysts.

That’s why Business Analyze is dedicated to making this easy.

  • Communicate clear goals and make progress visible for your team
  • Instantly access sales results and performance charts on all levels and time periods
  • Analyze sales data and find ways to sell more with less effort
  • Effortlessly run contests and share standings

Revenues, budget, forecasts, invoices

Pipeline metrics

Channel sales metrics

Project-based sales metrics

Activity metrics

Leading/lagging indicators

Key account metrics

SaaS metrics

Manage your pipeline and improve forecasting accuracy

Business Analyze offers a range of analytics, reports and simulations that enable sale leaders and their team to evaluate progress , identify areas that need improvement and work proactively to seize opportunities as they arise.

  • see how pipeline is growing
  • see in-depth reports about historic developments
  • keep on track to meet budget
  • use indicators to spot issues
  • look ahead to see sales prognosis for coming months
  • set up alert dashboards to keep up with important events
  • know when a hot opportunity comes in or deals are past closed
  • understand where actions are planned, but not executed
  • identify cases that need following up
  • use custom and pre-defined performance reports to know what areas need improvement and coach with certaintly
  • change sales variables and see revenue results
  • run simulations with reps see their potential
  • use past performance data to predict revenues and set budgets

Make sales coaching easier and more effective

Business Analyze makes it easy to incorporate data into sales coaching sessions so you can coach based on facts.

Not only our sales coaching tools help reps hit their targets in the short run, they helps them develop a better understanding what they can do, on their own, to be more successful in the long-run.


This is what sales leaders say

Lars Sørensen
Project Leader
Dansfoss Semco

Business Analyze has given us much better insight into the development of the sales pipeline – several quarters ahead. This reduces the chances of unwanted surprises and enables the company to act pro-actively.
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Bjørnar Tretterud
Sales Director
Block Watne

Business Analyze is the first thing I check in the morning.  I have full view of units that are coming for sale, which one’s are listed and when they are sold.”
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Gunnar Aasen
Chief Commercial Officer

“Live reports help us understand day-to-day progress – and what needs to be done going forward. Because errors in sales figures are so obvious on dashboards, our reporting accuracy has increased to approx. 95%.
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