Data-driven Sales Coaching

Coach sales reps to success with data and analytics

Sales coaching is one of the most important factors influencing performance. With Business Analyze, you can help your reps achieve more using data to drive goals and outcomes. Start video

Have more effective 1:1 discussions

Agree on specific goals

Define and measure specific, personal sales (volume and amount) and activity goals based on individual capabilities and historic performance data.

Spot improvement areas with ease

Guide sales rep development and offer constructive input based on key sales metrics, progress reports and benchmarks rather than intuition

Reinforce positive behavior

Keep up motivation by making progress visible, sharing quantifiable achievements and sending encouraging comments on mobiles and scoreboards.

Enable self-management

Help each rep self-manage his/her own activities and actions with key sales process reports and diagnostic tools readily available on dashboards.

Measure, reward and develop with a complete set of tools

The sales coaching toolkit is part of Business Analyze ‘s complete sales analytic and performance platform. It’s carefully crafted to help you identify areas for change, encourage progress, and recognize achievement.

  • set budgets or simulate the effects of an increase (volume and amount)
  • agree activity goals (meetings booked, demos, etc.)
  • get progress reports: actual vs targets and variation
  • learn what works and what doesn’t with trend and comparison reports
  • understand how much needs to be added to the pipeline
  • check it is ‘healthy’ in term of amounts and no. cases
  • visualise requirements to actual
  • tracks volume and amount of new cases needed
  • Keep on track to meet budget
  • Use indicators to spot issues
  • Look ahead to see sales prognosis for coming months
  • complete view of all sales process
  • easily review case by case
  • identifies specific cases that are past close date
  • tells you where actions were planned, but not executed
  • tells where plans are missing
  • win/loss report
  • benchmarking
  • comparison and trend reports
  • key sales velocity metrics per person or overall
  • see developments over time with trend reports
  • benchmarking: individuals or teams
  • change sales variables and see revenue results
  • run simulations with reps see their potential
  • test scenarios as input to setting new budgets

Help your team reach their potential

The sales simulator helps you run “what-if’ scenarios so you can better understand past performance and apply the lessons going forward.

Calculations are based on personal sales velocity metrics.

Encourage and follow-up

Once everyone agrees what needs to be done, you can keep everyone excited and motivated using the mobile app.

Shares progress on-the-go, send encouraging messages to sellers and comment on a job well done.

“The CRM data was messy and reports were unreliable. We needed to build a culture based on measurement.

Now sales teams are achieving monthly activity targets 20-30% more often and sales forecasting accuracy improving to within 98%.”

Gunnar Aasen – Chief Commercial Officer – Puzzel

One of the most important changes you can make

Learn from measuring past performance and apply going forward

More predictable sales processes

Better forecasting accuracy

More effective sales meetings

Reduce messy data in SuperOffice

Eliminate manual calculations and spreadsheets

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