Renewed logo: Renewed focus on innovation and performance

Business Analyze has been a part of House of Control group since the acquisition in April 2021.

Our company logo has included ‘Part of House of Control Group’ for some months now, but we want to make it clear how important Business Analyze is to the House of Control strategy.

Therefore, you will now see a new logo with House of Control company icon and Business Analyze text. This is because Business Analyze is a key product in the House of Control portfolio and our focus on customer-driven innovation is stronger than ever.

Our goal is to make Business Analyze the first place not only you – but also your CXO, CFO and other business leaders log in every morning.

As the rate of digitalization increase, Business Analyze will make it easier for you to connect and analyze all your data in one place.

Improved Speed

In latest product release, we have improved caching function. This means you should experience shorter wait time and faster report loading.

New CFO Dashboards – not only for the CFO

On October 20th we are launching new CFO Dashboards. For existing Business Analyze customers, this means that it is much easier to for you to connect to ERP data and analyze CRM and ERP data in one place.  Register here for event (to be held in Norwegian)

Advantages for sales:

  • Sales leaders can view information about sales directly from CRM system, even if it isn’t stored in the CRM – for example information about orders, bookings, deliveries, or invoices
  • Sales can monitor orders, bookings, invoices, margins and profits per customer or account with greater accuracy
  • Sales isn’t as dependent on finance or accounting for information

Advantages for CXOs and CFOs

  • Measure and track company KPIs in one – not only sales, but also operations, profits, liquidity, and cashflow.
  • Accounting and finance can get complete overview of business – including forecasts and sales
  • Accounting and finance don’t have to use time merging ERP and CRM data

Contact Ann Kristin Søraa, Head of Customer Success at email for more information.

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