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SuperOffice has long been recognized as a leading CRM system. Together with Business Analyze for SuperOffice, customers get the best of CRM and business analytics with advanced dashboards and reporting in one package.  For more information or to try a demo, visit or


Visma is a leading business solution provider in Northern Europe, focusing on business optimization and management tools for the enterprise. Visma and Visma’s partner network provide Business Analyze for SuperOffice CRM. This enables customers full control of sales, projects and customers in one solution.

CRM insight

CRM Insight is a Norwegian consulting company working solely with CRM tools and CRM deliveries. The company’s goal is to increase customers’ profitability and efficiency through the implementation of functional CRM solutions that support business processes. CRM Insight provides solutions based on the industry-leading tools; SuperOffice CRM and SuperOffice Analyze.

Ganske Enkelt

Ganske Enkelt is one of Norway’s largest providers of CRM solutions. The company provides solutions based on the industry-leading tools; SuperOffice CRM and SuperOffice Analyze.


Vitari is one of the most experienced consultants of Visma business systems for small and medium size enterprises. Vitari aims to be the partner of choice for companies that want to turn their business systems into a competitive advantage.

Pro Plan

Proplan offers software and expertise to simplify key business processes. The company’s solutions cover the full-range of ERP, accounting, logistics, time and project management, CRM, payroll, personnel, reporting and business analytics.

DB Manager

We deliver products that improve our customers efficiency, productivity and profitability. Our long history and deep industry know how enables us to take good care of our customers both now and in the future.


With over 20 year experience, Redcastle supplies, implements and supports solutions to help improve clients’ business processes. Adding value to your business and helping you to achieve growth and success are our primary goals.


All-CRM delivers SuperOffice CRM solutions. Our industry-specific solutions provide our customers with many advantages. We apply the one-stop-shop principle and support our clients in preparation, installation, implementation, training and maintenance.

ANS Group

Located in the Netherlands, ANS Solution BV helps you with your marketing strategy through targeted deployment of CRM software. More customers, retaining customers, more sales, better returns. Characteristic of our approach is the phased, pragmatic and above all results-oriented approach.

Synergy Technology

With over 15 years’ history in the CRM market, Synergy Technology is now one of the largest SuperOffice partners in the UK. Driven by a passion for customer relationship management, Synergy Technology is dedicated to providing software that supports the individual user to achieve stronger sales, marketing and customer service productivity.

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