Order Form Supplement

– for Business Analyze for SuperOffice CRM Online

Last updated September 15, 2018

1. This Order Form Supplement

This Order Form Supplement is a part of The Order Form by which the Customer ordered the Business Analyze Service. The Order Form and this Order Form Supplement are governed by the Business Analyze Master Subscription Agreement (MSA).

This Order Form Supplement adjusts certain terms of the MSA, solely with respect to Business Analyze for SuperOffice CRM Online, hereafter named the SuperOffice Analyze Service. Capitalized terms used but not defined in this Order Form Supplement have the meanings given to them in the MSA.

2. Dependencies

The Customer must have a valid SuperOffice CRM Online Account.

To ensure the best possible analytics and reporting performance, and little impact on the SuperOffice CRM Online, the SuperOffice Analyze Service uses an internet-based service from SuperOffice CRM Online, called Database Mirroring Service. This allows a relevant copy of the Customer’s SuperOffice CRM Online Database to be created in the Business Analyze SaaS environment, and will periodically synchronize the changes from SuperOffice CRM Online to the SuperOffice Analyze Service.

SuperOffice AS is responsible for selecting and sending the copies of data, and for the update frequency, and Business Analyze is responsible for receiving and storing the same data. All aspects regarding the safekeeping and privacy of this data are governed by the MSA between the Customer and Business Analyze.

The Data Mirroring Service is included in the SuperOffice Analyze Service at no extra cost for The Customer.

3. Terms required by SuperOffice AS

SuperOffice AS has all rights to The SuperOffice CRM Online Data Mirroring Service. The Customer is granted use of this service according to this Order Form Supplement as long as The Customer has a valid SuperOffice CRM Online Account, and this Order Form Supplement is still in effect.

By accepting this Order Form Supplement the Customer provide SuperOffice AS the authority to activate the “Database Mirroring Service” under the conditions as described in this Order Form Supplement. The Customer can revoke this right at any time by sending a written notification to SuperOffice AS, with a copy to Business Analyze. SuperOffice AS will then stop the service.

4. Initial start of the Database Mirroring Service

In order to start The Database Mirroring Service the first time the Customers SuperOffice CRM Online Administrator will have to authenticate using their SuperID login.

5. Termination

This Order Form Supplement shall terminate immediately and automatically upon any termination or expiration of The Customer’s subscription to Business Analyze for SuperOffice CRM Online.

In addition, Business Analyze may terminate this Order Form Supplement at any time immediately upon notice to the Customer if SuperOffice AS restricts, prevents or ceases to authorize the use of the Data Mirroring Service, or The Customer has sent a written notification to SuperOffice AS to stop the service as described in clause 3.

Termination of this Order Form Supplement shall not entitle the Customer to any refund, credit, or other compensation from Business Analyze under the MSA or any other agreement or from any third party.

Upon termination of this Order Form Supplement, Business Analyze will handle and remove the data as described in the MSA.