New self-service analytics for SuperOffice – Faster way to gain business intelligence than ever before

We are pleased to announce that self-serve analytics will be part of the next product release.  As our current customer, you don’t have to wait.  You can access self-service analytics now to help you gather facts about 2017 performance and prepare for new targets and growth in 2018.

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What are self-serve analytics?

Self-service analytics allow leaders and analysts to explore data in many different ways without any effort. Compared to performance or status dashboards, self-service analytics are used to identify trends and opportunities and then investigate them in detail.

Trends and opportunities can be related to customer relationships, sales performance, product purchases, marketing efforts, customer service or other processes or functions.


After experimenting with different interface designs and looking at the way users search, select and review data, we found the preferred design for self-serve analytics is one large visualization per area, with clear filter and grouping buttons.

The result is that users can now, in only 2 steps, explore every field in SuperOffice from every perspective, making it easier to gain insight and draw conclusions.

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How does it work?

It is easy to configure self-service analytics. Your data is automatically extracted and organized from SuperOffice into self-service dashboards based on the data tables and records in your database.

Filters and groupings for every standard SuperOffice category are listed in pre-defined menus. This saves valuable time. When you add user-defined fields (UDEF) or data from other sources such as ERP systems or a data warehouse to the self-service analytics, you gain even more intelligence about customers or internal processes.

New navigation buttons help you move faster from view to view so it is easy to click through a large number of datasets and immediately spot where there is large variations or trends in the data – those that you wouldn’t expect or see otherwise. From each visualization you can navigate to more detailed levels of information to learn more.

Leaders and managers for sales, operations, customer service and marketing can better explore data with self-service analytics. This is important for understanding business performance, making action-plans and evaluating opportunities.  

Let’s say you want to help sales work effectively to close new deals. Have we control or not? To answer this, look at all the ‘Open’ sales and see if each one has planned sales activities.

Filter: Sales date = Future and Status= Open
Analyze by: Activity

Here you see 26 million in sales is open, but there are 23 of 27 cases where activities towards these potential customers are NOT registered.  If this is the case, then you can address the issue in the next sales meeting or one-on-one. You find details about each specific cases by clicking on the data point.

When do I use self-serve analytics?

Business of all sizes benefit from self-serve analytics. Self-serve analytics are particularly useful as a guidance and decision-making tool: Are we filling the pipeline enough to reach targets? Are we focusing on the right kind of customers or activities? How has demand for the new product changed since it was brought to market?  As organisations feel increasing pressure to stay in front of ever changing buyers, they turn to data for answers.

If you already use Business Analyze for SuperOffice, self-service analytics complement or replace other dashboards.

How can I get self-serve analytics?

Business Analyze Customers
Self-service analytics are available now for Business Analyze customers with cloud subscription service. Simple fill in this request form, and we will provide a walk-through of the dashboards and assist you in configuring your solution.

If you have Business Analyze installed on-premise, self-service analytics are included as part of the subscription when you migrate to the cloud. Learn more

SuperOffice Customers

Self-serve analytics are included with Business Analyze for SuperOffice. Request 30 day trial.

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