New! Connect Business Analyze to Visma to monitor company-wide KPIs

Business Analyze provides new data connector + dashboards package that flows data from and other systems. This solution provides CEO, executive teams, leaders and decision-makers with instant visibility into KPIs on every level of detail.

Business Analyze offers similar solutions for Visma Global, Visma Business, SuperOffice CRM and other popular business applications.

Benefits in brief:

  • premium dashboards for executives and functional teams
  • review, monitor and communicate KPIs on-demand
  • check trends, forecasts, orders, revenues, invoices, accounts, payments, income, profits and more
  • alert colleagues when action is required
  • gain insights for fact-based decision-making
  • short implementation compared to traditional Business Intelligence projects

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See example KPIs for CEOs, CFOS and other leaders in the KPI Gallery

Why is it important?

Business Analyze makes it easier to see patterns in data and act on that information. Management teams and other leaders use this information to make decisions and communicate with board members, investors and colleagues. Because everyone sees the same version of KPIs ( key performance indicators) everyone has the same understanding of how the company is doing and where it is heading.

“Data and analytics is top of agenda in many organizations, but the complexity and cost of Business Intelligence holds them back. Some BI tools require you to spend weeks or even months getting data analysis-ready,” says Frode Svensson, Head of Products at Business Analyze.

Business Analyze is fast to implement. Visma customers get the full insight of data, with short implementation time and fast time to value.

How does it work?

Business Analyze, business intelligence solution, provides live insight into Visma data on interactive digital dashboards. Busy executives quickly browse key figures and find helpful information about revenues, growth, costs and profitability across the business.

This new package developed by BI specialists & Visma integration experts enables IT teams, consultants and data experts deliver business insights to their executive team with greater speed and success.

  • Connect – Business Analyze data connector extracts and structures the full set of data automatically. Compared to generic BI-tools, this saves developers weeks or even months of complicated work.
  • Visualize – Business Analyze automatically visualizes key financial and non-financial information dashboards
  • Customize – Virtually unlimited flexibility to customize and build-new dashboards

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Are you looking for a BI solution? Does your executive team want instant visibility into sales, finance, and operations on every level?

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