Simplify management reporting with Business Analyze

Save time, simplify reporting and share up-to-date business intelligence with key stakeholders.

Business Analyze is a smart, effective way to generate and communicate information about sales,  revenues, cashflow, profitability and other important measure of business performance.

Avoid time-consuming spreadsheets

Why spend valuable time preparing daily, weekly or monthly reports? With Business Analyze, your reports are generated automatically, without repetitive manual work. Simply login and view eye-catching reports that are presentation-ready.

Capture last minute changes

Out-of-date spreadsheets cause uncertaintly and can lead to bad decisions. Business Analyze overcomes this problem by pulling new data onto dashboard reports, ensuring decision-makers have the most accurate information possible.

Get the right view of data

Merging data from different databases and applying formulas can be tricky.  Why struggle with complicated spreadsheets? Business Analyze enables you to gather data in one place for easy reporting and analysis.

Better communication

Avoid email and in-boxes. Business Analayze provides a modern and effective way to share key facts and figures across teams, regions, subsidiaries and other parts of the organisation.

All types of reports in one place.

Business Analyze is a cross-data reporting tool that enables you to gather and centralize business reports in one place. Not only does it save time, it ensures your reports are updated, secure and backed-up.

Sales & Revenues

Budgets & Forecast

Orders & Invoices

Products & Profits

Productivity and Activity


Customer Experience

Company KPIs & Pulse

Advanced custom reporting

Business Analyze enables you to build custom reports to meet complex requirements. Use its rich capabilities to join data sets together, consolidate figures, make calculations and report on every level.

  • custom reporting and calculations
  • single or multiple data-sets
  • multi-currency reports
  • complex reporting levels (e.g. matrix organizations)
  • ++ etc.

Easily shared in various formats

Business Analyzes enables you to grant key stakeholders access to personalised dashboard reports.

You can also export tables, graphs and other visualisations to a range of formats making it easy to share key figures and insights into presentations, emails and print .

Simplify your reporting today!