Innovative use of data for 800 hotels, bars and restaurants in Norway and Sweden

How Nores will guide members to smarter procurements

– Saving 5% on the cost of food or beverages makes a big difference for our members – and the effect goes directly to bottom-line earnings, says Pål Semb-Johansson, CEO of Nores, Norway’s leading purchasing associations for the hotel,  restaurant, cafe industry. “In some cases, revenues would have to increase by 50% to get the same result.”  What is easiest?»

Picture: A final review of the new data analytics system at Nores’s headquarters at Skøyen.

Friday afternoon, Nores launched their new business analytics system, Business Analyze. During the autumn, the system will be introduced to move than 800 Nores members including bars, restaurants and hotels throughout Norway and Sweden.

– There is so much power in data. Business Analyze is an exciting new tool that opens up a lot of possibilities for our members and the producers and suppliers in this industry. It’s a win-win for everyone.

– This new system makes purchasing data more visible. Members can see exactly what they purchase and what can be gained: What does it mean in dollars and cents?

Members login to their own secure portal to access their analytics and reports on dashboards. Here they get detailed reports and facts about::

  • What have I ordered, when and from whom?
  • What have I earned in bonus?
  • How can food or beverage purchasing be done smarter?

Managers and owners of chains or franchise access reports that show totals across their business and on a one-by-one basis.

– Kitchen managers, chefs and purchasing managers are under extreme pressure, so it is important they get valuable information without using a lot of time. By providing facts this way, our members will be able to make better purchasing decisions, concludes Semb-Johanssen.

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