Why B2B companies are using CRM + analytics for growth [Infographic]

Businesses with 5 employees and 5000, are using CRM systems and analytics to radically improve their marketing, sales and customer service efforts.

Together these two technologies are helping companies use data to plan, run and manage their businesses in ways no other tools can.

According to Gartner, CRM analytics are hot.

Speed and agility

Is it any wonder that companies are turning to analytics tools? The volumes of data stored in company databases are growing faster than any time in history. Within this data lies secrets to winning customers and improving performance.

The companies who are able to take advantage of available data, are the ones who will not only survive, but thrive in the digital economy. Those who don’t, may suddenly find themselves left out.

Danish company Danfoss Semco, for example, was aware of how important sales pipeline management was for the business, but struggled to get an accurate view of pipeline developments. Sales teams worked with CRM system in different ways. A ‘full’ pipeline could create a false feeling of safety.

Implementing a new analytics and reporting solution was one of several important steps they took to remove inconsistency and get a more unified approach to sales management.

“Analytics helps us analyze data from the CRM system, improve reporting and monitor key metrics. It allows upper management, sales, finance and production insight into future sales projects,” says Lars Sørensen, Project Leader.

10 ways to use CRM analytics (infographic)

How can analytics help on a practical level – day to day and in planning your strategy? That depends several factors. We hope this infographic will provide some answers.

Let us know what you think or get in touch with our data experts.


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