How to share Business Analyze dashboards on office TV screens

Business leaders tell us that they would like a better way to share company goals and KPIs  (key performance indicators) with their organisation. They want to get everyone rallying around a common purpose and keep everyone updated. Afterall, everyone should feel like they are part of what is happening and can influence the outcomes.

The problem is that it is difficult to communicate frequently enough when performance and progress towards goals is continuously changing. If you wait to communicate a success or target reached, it doesn’t have the same impact on motivation as communicating on the spot.

To overcome this problem, many organisations broadcast KPI updates to TV monitors or office screens,  in addition to giving employee access to dashboards.  They place monitors above workspaces, in the hallway or by the coffee-maker. In other words, places where they can’t be missed!

Want to share important information with your organisation and motivate teams, departments or the whole company to go the extra mile?

Follow these steps.

1. Select the KPI or target you want to track

You can select almost goal, and you can add general information as text, images, gifs etc.

Some examples of information you can put on screens include:

  • KPIs per department or office
  • % of a goal or target achieved and the potential reward
  • example of a project or service delivered
  • company events or announcements
  • latest customer wins or agreements (ie. Top 10 Deals)
  • new employee welcome notice

Remember to define a specific date or time period like this month, quarter or year.

2. Review the design of the dashboard

Make sure dashboards look good on TV monitors. You may want to add  or resize  graphic elements so your audience clearly sees the most important information first. Keep it simple and uncluttered.

3. Use the ‘Slideshow functionality’

Share the dashboard to office screens using the slideshow function.

This video will give you a clearer idea of what is possible and how it is done.


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