GDPR Dashboard and Reporting

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Stay on top of GDPR data in SuperOffice

With strict GDPR regulations in effect, it isn’t enough to hope personal data is stored properly in your CRM system. You have to monitor data, or risk getting caught by surprise. Business Analyze dashboards provide instant access to key figures and reports, helping you monitor your database and stay in compliance.

Instant insight into your database

Concerned that data in SuperOffice isn’t aligned with your privacy policy or GDPR regulations? Get GDPR metrics delivered to you on live digital dashboards and find the answers you need.

Know exactly where data is missing

Save time extracting and structuring mounds of data. Dashboards contain graphic reports and lists, telling you immediately where legal permissions and records are missing. changed or deleted.

Check your database includes the necessary consent

Whether you are doing a bulk updates or want to know when permissions are old, GDPR dashboards are an essential tool for managing consent.

Why data is stored

Clear reports help you monitor why CRM data is stored based on purpose.

What is the legal basis

Charts, tables and lists tells you how legitimate interest is collected and when updates are made.

How it was gathered

Learn which sources are used most, measure consent rates and identify areas for improvement.

Monitor email subscription metrics

Marketing and sales need to know why contacts subscribe to email communications, what they want to receive and how to gain more subscribers. Without this information, they don’t know what kinds of emails are valuable, and what kinds aren’t.

GDPR dashboards provide you with key figures and contact lists including:

  • Who has received opt-in emails
  • How many have opted in
  • Subscription rates per category
  • Number of opt-outs

See where your are missing consent – in seconds

If you are missing consent, you may be at risk. GDPR dashboards help you find and monitor gaps so your organisation can keep up with requirements.

Companies without contacts

Contacts without consent

Contacts withdrawn consent

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