More sales data = More analysis

The most successful B2B companies set clear goals, analyze their sales pipeline, track key metrics and are able to forecast with accuracy.

Many sales leaders, however, are forced to spend a lot of time doing these tasks. Sales reporting and analysis can be manually intensive, frustrating and time consuming. Who wants to spend late nights grinding over spreadsheets?

As customers and business processes continue to generate even more data, manual sales analysis and reporting becomes even more difficult. Data gets spread across the company. There’s new rows or columns you want to analyze. There’s an increasing risk of error.

What’s the solution?

Sales dashboards. Sales dashboards gather data into one place and automate reporting, helping you help eliminate manual routines.

Dashboards make saleslife easy

Dashboards organize information into reports, enabling users to view updated figures from laptops or mobile phones.

You can track budgets or volume targets, monitor key pipeline metrics, analyze profitability and answer key business questions.

This free eBook shows 6 illustrated examples:

  • Sales budget dashboard
  • Sales pipeline dashboard
  • Sales commission dashboard
  • Motivational scoreboard
  • Customer satisfaction dashboard
  • Product analysis dashboard