Business Analyze for ERP

Business Analyze helps you unlock valuable data stored in ERP systems to increase revenue, improve profitability, maximize efficiency, and support decision-making.


Get a 360° Business View

Connect your data and gain insight into past, current and future performance. With Business Analyze dashboards and reports you have full insight into every aspect of the lead to cash process.



Orders and invoices
Customer, product and profitability analysis
Budget versus business plan


Accounts receivable
Accounts payable
Greater visibility into liquidity
Better control of costs


Financial KPIs

Capital structure

Operational Reporting

Daily insight for planning and management
Identify issues
Review budget and variance

  • Increased visibility from lead to cash
  • Get instant updates about budget variance on company, unit or individual level
  • Automate weekly, monthly, quarterly reporting
  • Run ad hoc queries and explore data for deeper insights - without ERP expertise.
  • Faster access to accurate, up-to-date information
  • Report on every data field in your ERP system
  • Analyze data from every angle and level
  • Drill-down from high level summary views to transaction level
financial kpi

Effectively share financial KPIs

Across the organisation, many people want to know how the well the company is generating revenues and profits. Sharing that information by spreadsheets and email, however, is messy and time-consuming. It can take hours to export ERP data and answer requests.

With Business Analyze, finance teams can clearly communicate KPIs with CEOs, sales, marketing, purchasing, and other functions. Imagine providing your colleagues with their personal KPI dashboard.  Financial KPIs are updated based on live data, ensuring that your colleagues have accurate information whenever its needed.

Scale as you go

Business Analyze is a scalable, cloud business intelligence platform for businesses of all sizes and industries. It’s easy to connect data, add users and build dashboards. Centralised user-administration and high-level security are just a few of the many functions built into the platform.

Unmatched time to value

Our goal is to provide faster time to value than other Business Intelligence and reporting solutions. We have pre-built data connector and reports for Visma Business, saving you from long development and implementation times.


Do you use Visma Business?

We currently have several pilot projects for Visma Business analytics and reporting. We would like more customers to help us build the best solution based on practical experience. Contact us to register your interest. In return, you will be eligible for custom dashboard reports, favorable pricing, and other benefits for pilot customers.


Have you another ERP system?

Business Analyze is developing attractive business intelligence solutions for several ERP systems and we are looking for pilot customers. Contact us to register your interest and learn more about the benefits of joining our pilot program.