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Do-it-yourself dashboard design

Design dashboards with Business Analyze

Business Analyze is a great platform if you are looking to build dashboards or modify pre-built reports. This powerful system contains a complete toolset for editing dashboards so you always get the perfect view of data.

Perhaps you want to make improvements to your current reports. Perhaps you want to make dashboards for a new colleague.  In any case, designing dashboards for better performance can be a fun and rewarding.

When to design?

There can be many reasons you want to change design.

Typical reasons include:

  1. Reports don’t show the right information
  2. Level of detail is too low/high
  3. Charts or tables are imprecise or confusing
  4. Reports are on wrong level, time period or category
  5. Titles or labels are misleading
  6. New data is available
  7. New KPIs become important
  8. There’s a change in organisation (e.g. new employees)
  9. There’s a change in business processes

When any of these conditions is true, you can make build and customise reports to your exact specifications. As long as you have a clear goal, the rest is easy.

Features for Designers

Business Analyze has powerful tools for organising data and building dashboards.

As a designer you can:

  • Add new reports and dashboards
  • Redesign, resize and delete reports
  • Rename elements
  • Add, change or remove elements within a report
  • Change chart types
  • Change chart properties (e.g. titles, labels etc.)
  • Edit layouts and colors
  • Create and edit drilldowns
  • Change the way data is grouped, pivoted and calculated
  • Add columns to a table
  • Sort a table and save the changes
  • ..and much more

These features are available for everyone with ‘Designer’ access-rights.

How to become a designer

Designers can see the ‘Edit desktops’ command on the main menu. If this command isn’t available, you can’t edit the active desktop.

To get permission, contact your system administrator. System administrators decide who can edit desktops. This is to protect privacy and ensure only authorised people can access the data. It also reduces the risk that dashboards are mistakenly deleted.

Are you ready to design? Contact us or email customer success@businessanalyze.com for more information about introductory courses and learning programmes.





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