SuperOffice Data Health Check

Map your data with new online dashboards and uncover the hidden secrets needed to grow revenues

Using online dashboarrds, the data check automatically selects out important information about data in SuperOffice and helps you use that data to grow revenues. Take the check whenever you want to optimise your use of data.

What you will learn

  • key facts about existing data and usage patterns
  • how your data is structured in preparation for GDPR
  • where important data is missing
  • how data can be used to increase revenues

Who is it for?

  • CEOs and executives
  • Sales and marketing leaders
  • SuperOffice administrators and super-user

What data can you check?

  • SuperOffice CRM Online
  • SuperOffice onsite or on-premise

How does it work?

After you request the health check, you will receive an email to clarify details about your version of SuperOffice. Depending on your response, we will help you access FREE Data Quality and Utilisation dashboards. You must be authorised to approve use of your data on behalf of your company. (ie. have SuperOffice admin rights)

As part of the service, you also receive 30 min. walk-through with one of our data experts to review the dashboards, ask questions and get answers.

What does it cost?

This is a free, limited time offer. You must register your interest by November 20th.  Complete the form now.

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