How data and analytics help Visma deliver great customer care

Customer insight: Video and interview with Julie Grønlund, Director for Visma Customer Care and Activation

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Picture: Julie Grønlund, Director for Visma Customer Care and Activation, tells how the Customer Care team uses Business Analyze

There are few business topics these days that receive as much attention as customer care. For all companies, and particularly SaaS companies, the importance of customer care cannot be overstated. Customers who receive good customer service are much more likely to talk about and recommend your products to friends and family. The right focus on the right customer leads to increased growth and profitability.

We talked with Julie Grønlund, Director of Customer Care and Activation, to understand how Visma takes care of customers and, in particular,  how they are using the latest in CRM systems, data and analytics to support their efforts.

Here’s what she said:

Why is customer care important?

Our passion is giving the best service to customers and providing the best service when customers contact us. The goal of the Customer Care team is to increase customer satisfaction. The team has grown from 4 to 20 people the last years because we see that customer focus is good for the customers – and our business.

How is customer care organised?

Customer Care includes 3 teams that work full speed for current customers. We answer more than 30,000 requests per year, help customers optmise their solutions and support sales through partners. As part of our customer program we measure Net Promoter Score. Key account managers work with cross-sales.

What is the most important success factor for the team?

There are a lot of elements. One important factor is that questions or services for customers is timely, accurate and well-organised. We manage an extremely high volume of activities and must have complete control of what is happening at every given time.

To be successful, our business systems must support the work we do. It isn’t possible to sort and prioritize without accurate information and fine-tuned routines.  A good CRM system with analytics and dashboards is essential. We record everything the same way every time, follow clear processes and use the most modern cloud-based technologies available.

 “As a consultant, I use Business Analyze to keep track of my pipeline, who I need to follow up and how I am doing with regards to goals. Sales Consultant, Activation Team, Matilde Rødseth

“In the customer care center, we respond to thousands of cases each year. We want customer to have a good experience and get the answers they need. We depend on Business Analyze to keep complete control of all the cases that come into our SuperOffice Online. Speed is important – fast response times. And of course, we never want a request to go unanswered. Team manager, Customer Care Center, Carlo Kristiansen

“I use Business Analyze on a daily basis to keep control of sales and processes. And we like to have fun, so have created a game to help us reach targets. Team manager, Activation Team, Martin Lervik Bø

How do you use business analytics?

No matter what we do, we always set goals. This means activities, sales, teams, projects, leads etc. When we have defined goals, it is much easier to measure the effects.

We use business analytics to see how we are doing and what we are getting back for the effort we put in. All the data from marketing campaigns and sales go into SuperOffice CRM and the results are calculated, presented and analyzed in Business Analyze.

As a leader, I need full view of activities and pipeline. Using analytics, I see where potential sales can come from and whether we are planning the right activities to follow up opportunities.

I also see how many customers have left us, what type, why and to which competitor. Our goal is to prevent churn and work proactively.

Other things I keep track of are how many cases there are at each stage and which team closes the most cases. And of course, how many new leads we have. We don’t want a lead left alone.

Every sales consultant uses reports in the analytics tool to keep on top of their goals for the day and see status for the current month, quarter and year.

Do you have other tips for increasing customer satisfaction?

Make it fun! At Visma we are not afraid to show who is doing well and excelling at delivering great customer service. Competition is healthy. We put up both activity and performance charts in full view, and we make a game out of reaching targets. Everyone wants to be at the top.

Picture: Example of how Visma uses data and gamification within the Customer Care team to have fun and achieve goals.

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