Business Analyze Mobile App now updated on Google Play and Apple App Store

The latest version of Business Analyze mobile app is now available for download on Google Play and App Store.

This release is has a new login page and fresh new look and feel.

Why this Business Intelligence app?

Business Analyze mobile app provides instant visibility into company-wide KPIs and metrics from the convenience of a mobile device.

Access key dashboard reports and stay informed about what happening. The app enables you spontaneously check status and review key facts on the way into important meetings.

Key benefits include:

  • track key KPI
  • check status on-the-go
  • see what’s planned and what’s been done
  • monitor changes in sales, orders, deliveries, payments, profits, service levels or complaints
  • track changes in operations from day to day or week to week
  • see recent activities (e.g. win a new customer)
  • send positive comments to employees and recognize their efforts

KPIs and metrics can be related to sales, revenues, activities, finances, operations, customer experience or other areas that matter most to users.

The app includes features to help users respond faster and more proactively when new data is available. For example, you can can send, read, reply and follow up discussions about events.

How to get it

All you need is a Business Analyze account to download the app from AppStore or Google Play.

If you don’t have an account yet, contact us and we’ll set up  a free demo for you.

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