Business Analyze and SuperOffice: How to gain insight by embedding analytic dashboards

SuperOffice is packed with features to help you keep track of opportunities, manage your sales processes and close more deals. But did you know that you can also integrate Business Analyze reports and dashboards into SuperOffice web panels?

Every Business Analyze dashboard and report can be embedded in SuperOffice helping sales teams improve performance and work more effectively without leaving SuperOffice.

You can centralise all details about opportunities, contacts, goals, budgets, activities or other information in the SuperOffice web panel of your choice. Embedded reports can be fully customised to show the information you choose. Reports may include calculations.

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Example: Complete control of ‘My sales’ – Open-Won-Stalled-Lost and sum per month

If you want to help sales manage their sales processes, you can embed the Business Analyze report ‘My Sales’.

The report gives a fast listing of open-won-stalled-lost sales and the sum per month – on the sales card.

From each month you drill down to underlying cases and can navigate directly to the desired sales process.  This saves valuable time navigating from case to case.

A sales manager will see all  the sales with totals, for his/her team.

Picture: Example of how a salesperson can use Business Analyze report embedded in SuperOffice mini-panel to navigate quickly and get instant customer insights.

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