The fast and effective way to analyze business data

Business Analyze provides the tools you need to gather, calculate and visualize your data – without  spreadsheets or repetitive work.

Make data-driven decisions

Data is essential for planning, forecasting and successfully growing businesses. All too often, however, the data you need isn’t readily available. It lies spread out in different company databases or spreadsheets and is hard to get your hands on.

Business Analyze overcomes these problems by gathering data and making it easy to analyze.

With Business Analyze you simply login to explore analysis-ready data – whenever you need it.

Self-service analytics

You don’t have to be a data expert to use Business Analyze. If you are, that’s okay too! Whatever your experience, Business Analyze provides tools to help you dig into data and create detailed reports.

For data experts

Want to join data and make it analysis-ready? Business Analyze includes powerful designer and developer tools to help you structure data, add formulas and customize dashboards for different user groups.

For business users

Click through dashboards and sort, group or pivot data on every level of detail. Reports update dynamically as you explore data with ready-made filters and tabs.

Visual analytics for greater insight

Business Analyze is built from the bottom up to help people analyze data visually. Who wants to sort through long lists and tables to find answers?

Business Analyze includes a wide range of interactive graphs, charts, indicators and other visualizations that make it easy to interpret data and draw conclusions.

Fast answers to complex questions

Let us help you capitalize on your data. We love a challenge!

We help organisations solve complex reporting needs:

  • benchmarking
  • advanced-multi-tiered reporting
  • multi-currency or matrix structure organisation
  • aggregated data and reporting across entities (e.g. franchises)
    more ++

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