Big jump for cloud-based business analytics and dashboards. More than 50 new B2B companies turning raw data into instant insight.

During 2017, more than 50 business-to-business (B2B) companies in Northern Europe started using Business Analyze’s cloud-based business analytics and dashboard solution to analyze data, visualise performance and automate management reporting.

Turning point for B2B organisations

“Business analytics has traditionally been associated with large organisations and large amounts data –  so called ‘Big Data’ – but this isn’t the case anymore. 2017 was a turning point,” says Einar Gynnild, CEO at Business Analyze. “All size organisations, large and small, have access to increasing amounts of data from many sources which they can actively use to increase revenues.”

In 2017, Business Analyze welcomed new customers from a wide range of industries. These include Leca International, Kaffebryggeriet, Stampen, Skarpnes, GET, and Efa Elektro to name a few. The total number of customers using on-premise or cloud analytics is more than 400.

“B2B companies are adapting their business models, creating smoother customer experiences and automating sales processes – all the while gathering more data. Analyzing growing amounts of data with spreadsheets becomes too slow and inefficient. To get fast insight, business analytics is the natural and necessary next step,” says Gynnild.

Business Analyze expects demand  to continue in 2018 as leaders and managers use data to improve and execute their strategies, make informed decisions and create competitive advantages. While the digital environment is growing in complexity, the tools to analyze data are becoming simpler.

This growth also shows customers like Business Analyze’s shift to providing business analytics as a cloud service. The cloud platform enables, amongst other advantages, SuperOffice customers to automatically connect their data and access reports – in a single, straightforward process.

See also these customer insights

Visma – Visma is using business analytics to improve support and provide ongoing customer value.

“We must have complete control of what is happening at every given time. A good CRM system with analytics and dashboards is essential. We record everything the same way every time, follow clear processes and use the most modern cloud-based technologies available.” Julie Grønlund, Director for Visma Customer Care and Activation

House of Control – SaaS provider House of Control monitors performance and analyzes customer data.

“At our stage of growth we need to closely managed and monitor the portfolio to ensure good investments. The more data we can use and analyze, the better our decisions.” Carl Fabian Flaaten, CFO at House of Control.

Tinde – The Norwegian builders of dream cabins, have been through an incredible growth spurt.

“We simply couldn’t manage using the old methods of spreadsheets. CRM software combined with business analytics keeps us closer to what is important and we move faster.” Audun Skattebo, CEO at Tinde.

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