2 reports for SuperOffice to help you uncover sales opportunities

Many sales teams find it difficult to generate enough business, especially during summer months when people are out of office and difficult to reach. As a manager, you want to help sales reach their goals.

What can you do?

Get answers from your customer data

A good place to start is to mine your CRM database and extract a list of high potential contacts and customers that require your attention. Then you can work with your teams to pinpoint customer needs and reach them with the most attractive offers.

Afterall, since you already have relationships with these people, what better starting point is there for additional sales of your products or services?

We recommend two reports to help you identify these customers and decide an approach. The first one is ‘companies without activities’. The second is ‘companies without sales processes.’

The reports are pre-built in Business Analyze so you don’t have to worry about running reports in SuperOffice. They are also updated on an ongoing basis, so you can easily monitor your teams progress and help them out when needed.

Get these reports from SuperOffice App Store as part of Business Analyze for SuperOffice or current customers contact us to activate.

Report 1: Companies without activities

Specific sales activities that are important to closing a deal or building a relationship should be methodically recorded in the CRM system. This might be demos, a first and second meeting, an onboarding meeting or other activities defined in the customer journey.

Using activity reports, you gain insight into which activities are effective, and continue doing more of ‘the right’ things.

But, it is also interesting to know when there is a complete lack of activity.  If your customers haven’t had any activities with you in a while, you not only decrease the changes of additional sales, you risk losing them all together.

In the ‘companies without activities’ reports, you get a list of contacts that haven’t had any activities within the last 3 or 6 months or even year, AND where no activities are planned in the future. You can filter lists for different time periods and to include details about contact owners, latest updates etc.

Helpful reports tell you which customers your team hasn’t been in touch with but are good opportunities.

From each report, you get a detailed list to work with, rather than searching up details and contact information one-by-one.

Report 2 – No sales processes

Similar to the ‘no activity’ report, the ‘no sales process’ is a great source of new sales opportunities. If you haven’t won or lost any business with a customer or account during the past year and there isn’t any planned sale coming up, now is your chance.

The report includes contacts details, interests and other facts about each customer so you can evaluate cases one-by-one without having to search up more information.

With a complete list of contacts waiting to hear from you, you are ready to go.

Happy selling!

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