Are you ready for cloud analytics?

Cloud solutions offered as Software as a Service have been around for years and the many benefits have been well documented. Moving from on-premise to the cloud, however, always raises some questions.

We’ve put together a short list of questions and answers that we hope will help you get started.

When should I move to the cloud?

Cloud analytics are an advantage for everyone. Great for small and medium-size organizations in particular, this is primarily a hassle-free and cost-effective alternative offering new possibilities, flexible costs, as well as easy maintenance and deployment. Here’s why:

  • Cost savings – Savings associated with the costs of servers and IT resources are the most common reasons.
  • Optimized and up-to-date – We manage servers for you, handle changes in capacity and perform upgrades to the latest software versions.
  • Access analytics from anywhere. – Full access to analytics and dashboards from a web browser, anytime, anywhere.
  • Always the latest insights – Analytics are based on fresh SuperOffice data.
  • Improved support – Get email support direct from Business Analyze. We provides first line support for your designated company contact.

According to “Analytics in the Cloud,” a January 2015 report by Enterprise Management Associates, adopters cite time-to-delivery of analytics and BI as primary business motivation for choosing cloud options. Time to value for analytical initiatives and improved agility stand out as the most important technical drivers. Finally, the top three financial drivers behind the move to cloud-based analytics and BI platforms are minimized hardware and infrastructure cost, reduced implementation cost, and reduced administrative cost, in that order.

If I have SuperOffice installed and running on-premise, can I have cloud analytics?

Yes, as long as you have SuperOffice version 7.0 or newer.

What is involved in moving?

Moving to cloud analytics probably takes less effort that you think.

If you are moving to SuperOffice CRM Online and currently use the standard dashboards and reports in SuperOffice Analyze, your data will be pulled from SuperOffice CRM Online and be ready for analyzing in a matter of minutes. This is possible because of the unique, pre-configured way SuperOffice Analyze uses SuperOffice’s data mirroring service.

If you have installed SuperOffice version 7.0 or new on your own servers or at a hosting provider, moving normally involves installing the simple, yet functional Data Connector. Once this is completed, you can use the benefits of Business Analyze Cloud in almost the same way as SuperOffice Online customers.

When you plan your move, also consider having a fresh look at the way you and and other leaders or managers use analytics, Businesses change, new data becomes available and your analytic tools can help you keep ahead. Our network of experienced partners are ready to help you make adjusments.

What happens with custom reports or dashboards?

That depends on data sources and how the reports were originally designed. In most cases, custom reports or dashboards will need to be set up in the new application. We help you based on your specific requirements.

Will my data be secure?

Our cloud analytics platform for SuperOffice uses the most modern methods available to securely transfer and store data. The platform has been tested and approved by SuperOffice. Data is stored at secure hosting facilities in Norway by one of Europe’s leading hosting service providers.

How do I connect other data sources to cloud analytics?

Many companies want to turn data from different sources into a single-source of insight. We help you connect to almost any source. For example, if you have some customer information in SuperOffice and some in an ERP system, it can be pulled into one dashboard to show revenues, product mix, order status, discounts and invoiced amounts in one view for different stakeholders.

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