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Jobzone wanted data ready-to-use, rather than data spread across systems. They wanted analysis and reporting to run smoother and more efficiently. Here’s how they solved the challenge.


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About Jobzone

Jobzone is a leading Norwegian recruiting and staffing agency with more than 35 franchises nationwide. The company saves businesses from the time-consuming task of searching for candidates by providing thier own qualified employees.

The Challenge

Jobzone has 35 franchises nationwide. In order to recruit and hire employees on behalf of employers looking to fill positions, JobZone supports franchisees with modern IT systems and business intelligence.

“Our central IT department, develop and maintain SuperOffice CRM, Visma ERP and JobMatch. These systems manage complex processes of recruiting, hiring, and matching the right employees for the right positions.  This involves everything from defining client needs to paying salaries,” says Jan-Håvard Graarud, Sales and Marketing Director at JobZone.

The one key part that was missing, was a way to gather and analyze data at the franchise level, so franchisees can evaluate their own business performance. Of course, they knew how they were doing, but data wasn’t detailed enough or ready to share. There was a lot of spreadsheets and emailing back and forth.

“We wanted data ready-to-use, rather than data spread across systems. We wanted analysis and reporting to run smoother and more efficiently. We believed this could help franchisees measure, manage, and understand what they are doing well and what they can do better,” Graarud explains.

The Solution

Jobzone connected Business Analyze with their other systems to pull data onto dashboards. Franchise owners review KPIs, check reports and monitor trends on Business Analyze dashboards.

Business Analyze presents data about:

  • customer requests
  • hiring processes
  • sales activities
  • utilization rates
  • revenues vs budget
  • margins
  • efficiency rates

To set up the solution, Business Analysis consultants helped JobZone to:

  • connect Business Analyze to current systems and extract data to dashboards
  • design dashboards based on KPIs and metrics
  • make dashboards for management team, IT, marketing, sales and operations

The Results

Business Analyze has changed the way Jobzone measures, monitors and ultimately makes decisions about their business.

Key improvements include:

  • Daily access to information that is needed to manage and expand the business
  • Better use of data in CRM and ERP system, leading to better control of operations and costs
  • Effective and efficient way to manage internal sales competitions
  • Greater efficiency and time-saving due to automated management reporting
  • Secure way to share data in a highly-regulated industry

“Business Analyze has changed the way we analyze and share information. Franchisees and HQ now have full access to key metrics and reports on a daily basis. No one has to extract reports – they are already finished and ready-to-view.”

“The first thing we do in the morning is login to Business Analyze to check status. We also review dashboards in monthly meetings. When everyone knows the status and figures are in black and white, it is easier to have productive discussions.”

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