Viking Venture provides SaaS KPI dashboards to portfolio companies

Viking Venture has developed new KPI dashboards for its portfolio companies.

KPI dashboards are an online benchmarking tool which makes it easy to track recurring revenues and other key metrics.

Benefits for investor and portfolio companies

The dashboards include important KPIs within software-as-a-service industry (SaaS). These are based on Viking Venture’s experience from multiple exits and investments.

Each portfolio company has their own set of dashboards with relevant reports, graphs and charts.

The dashboards provide a way for companies to:

  • learn from each other
  • gain insight into operations
  • provide a healthy competition

According to Erik Fjellvær Hagen, Managing Partner at Viking Venture:

From Viking Venture dashboards, portfolio companies can monitor their own performance, gain insight and continually improve. They are also able to see how other portfolio companies are doing on specific KPIs and then reach out understand what they are doing right and what they can do better.

See video

The dashboards are powered by business intelligence (BI) platform Business Analyze.

Business Analyze assisted Viking Venture in customizing and designing their solution.

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    sales contests scoreboards

    Business analytics and sales competitions: Business Analyze to develop new solution for Mobit

    Sales contest scoreboard

    Mobit, a leading Norwegian IT and phone service provider, has selected Business Analyze, business analytics platform, to track sales, manage competitions and share insights between more than 30 dealerships country-wide.

    The goals of the project are twofold.

    • help leaders manage sales by plugging into data from CRM and ERP systems
    • provide real-time feedback and motivational sales leaderboards

    “This is an exciting project because it involves the elements of multiple data sources, data visualization and gamification – all at the same time,” says Øyvind Skogstad, senior consultant at Business Analyze.

    Business Analyze will provide Mobit with detailed business, sales and activity reports. The data for the reports will be pulled directly from company systems onto digital dashboards.

    Business Analyze will also help Mobit manage sales competitions for sales team motivation. Business Analyze will calculate scores and present results on sales leaderboards for everyone to view.

    During sales competitions, scores will be presented live and updated automatically. This enables participants to check the latest scores and review other sales performance indicators (KPIs) from home offices, mobile devices and other locations.

    This is an important next step because it provides us with easy, fast access to data, says Harald Boyum, Director of Product and Business Development at Mobit.

    – With Business Analyze we can quickly analyze, report and share data – and even run sales competitions. It’s a very flexible tool, says Boyum.

    – Because Business Analyze is connected to both SuperOffice CRM and Multicase ERP, we can reuse data without having to enter it twice in separate systems.

    Mobit is a customer of Business Analyze and partner CRM Insight.

    Above: Senior consultant Øyvind Skogstad is developing digital dashboards and sales scoreboards for Mobit.

    Read also: Business Analytics Guide for B2B Organisations

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      Business Analyze Webinar

      Webinar Recording: Practical use of Business Analyze

      Thanks to everyone who participated in our recent customer success webinar -‘Practical use of Business Analyze.’

      We hope you found it helpful.

      To view the Norwegian recording

      To view the English version

      The agenda included a review of dashboard, analytics and KPI-tracking functions.

      We looked at setting targets, filtering data, sorting and grouping data – and much more.

      Webinar host, Ann Kristin Søraa, also showed how these functions work together to help sales teams:

      • manage the sales pipeline
      • track revenues, budgets and forecasts
      • monitor orders and invoices
      • see live sales commissions reports

      She also showed examples dashboards for:

      • Leads/campaign performance
      • Customer support metrics
      • Customers satisfaction scores/NPS
      • Customer success

      Don’t miss out!

      Sign up here and we’ll be sure to send you an invite to our next customer success webinar!

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        Business Analyze support til Google Analytics

        Nu kan du tilføje Google Analytics-data til Business Analyse og bruge disse to stærke værktøjer sammen.

        Forbind data, opret rapporter og del indsigt – alt fra din Business Analyze.

        Spor webtrafik og andre vigtige forretningsnøgletal – på et sted

        Denne nye kapacitet gør det lettere at få adgang til nøgletal for hjemmesiden samtidig med andre nøgletal – samlet i den praktiske Business Analyze-grænseflade.

        Topledere, afdelingsledere og andre ikke-markedsførere kan nu få adgang til specifik og meningsfuld netindsigt uden at skulle logge ind på Google Analytics-kontoer, eller navigere rundt i separate analyseværktøjer.

        Del webmålinger til kontor-tv-skærme, og opbyg engagement

        Webindsigt kan deles via Business Analyse til kontor-tv-skærme, desktops og mobile enheder. Jo flere mennesker der er opmærksomme på web-trafik og adfærd, jo bedre kan de bruge disse oplysninger i deres daglige arbejde.

        Mere end 30 dimensioner og nøgletal er tilgængelige

        Business Analyse gør Google Analytics-data tilgængelige via Core Reporting API. Forretningsanalyser udviklere, designere og konsulenter kan oprette skræddersyede på følgende dimensioner:

        • Brugere
        • Sessioner
        • Trafikkilder
        • Adwords
        • Målkonverteringer
        • Platform eller enhed
        • Geo-netværk
        • System
        • Sidemålinger
        • Indholdsgruppering
        • Intern søgning
        • Webstedshastighed
        • Appsporing
        • Begivenhedssporing
        • E-handel
        • Sociale interaktioner
        • Bruger-timinger
        • Undtagelser
        • Indholdseksperimenter
        • Tilpassede variabler eller kolonner
        • Tid
        • DoubleClick Campaign Manager
        • Publikum
        • Adsense
        • Publisher
        • Ad Exchange
        • DoubleClick for Publisher-Backfill
        • DoubleClick for Publisher
        • Levetidsværdi og kohorter
        • Kanalgruppering
        • DoubleClick Bid Manager
        • DoubleClick Search

        Er du klar til at visualisere dine webstedsdata? Kontakt os på

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          Business Intelligence on mobile device

          Business Analyze Mobile App now updated on Google Play and App Store

          The latest version of Business Analyze mobile app is now available for download on Google Play and App Store.

          This release is an update to the existing iOS and Android apps and includes support for 7 new data visualizations.

          See also: Full release notes including bug fixes and improvements.

          Why this Business Intelligence app?

          Business Analyze mobile app provides instant visibility into company-wide KPIs and metrics from the convenience of a mobile device.

          This helps business leaders and managers make decisions and drive performance using the latest intelligence available.

          With data, insights and KPI-tracking available from convenience of a mobile device, it’s easier to:

          • communicate clear, measurable targets and objectives
          • easily keep up with status
          • gain insight and guide your teams
          • proactively follow-up

          KPIs and metrics can be related to sales, revenues, activities, finances, operations, customer experience or other areas that matter most to users.

          Rather than having to check in-boxes or rely on others, users can check the app for the latest insights.

          The app includes features to help users respond faster and more proactively when new data is available. For example, you can can send, read, reply and follow up discussions about events.

          How to get it

          All you need is a Business Analyze account to download it and get access to your business data and key metrics.

          If you don’t have an account yet, contact us and we’ll set up  a free demo for you.

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