Christmas Countdown Sales Dashboard

With sales scoreboards you can help sales teams turn the last month of the year into the best month of the year.

Remember to put the fun into Christmas selling

It isn’t only children that are counting down the days to Christmas. Sales organisation are also counting days until the year ends and books close.

It’s the last chance to deliver final offers, get them signed and close the ‘hot’ opportunities. Now’s the time to pull out all the stops and finish off with a heavy new deal and a solid quarter.

If you’re wondering what you can do to keep up the spirit of the season, we recommend this sales dashboard for your team. Who wouldn’t get a little extra boost by seeing what’s within reach? The potential value just might come as a surprise. Maybe the first person to hit budget gets a bonus or gift?

This scoreboard turns ‘work’ into a game and each sale into an event.

Aim high in December and have fun along the way!

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