Announcing product name change: SuperOffice Analyze now Business Analyze for SuperOffice

As of today, SuperOffice Analyze, the leading business analytics solution for SuperOffice CRM is changing name to Business Analyze for SuperOffice.

“We are changing the name because all our offerings are based on Business Analyze, the cloud analytics platform. We have added to the platform data connection services and reports specifically designed for SuperOffice customers. The new name will help existing and new customers better understand what we offer,” says Business Analyze CEO, Einar Gynnild.

Business Analyze for SuperOffice offers:

  • fast, secure connection to SuperOffice online or onsite data
  • more than 50 pre-designed reports for SuperOffice Sales, Marketing and Service
  • ability to create highly customised dashboards, management reports, and sales contests
  • add data from other business systems or apps for full view of customers
  • additional benefits including advanced analytics

“Businesses gather increasing amounts of data and  compete in a data-driven world. They use our analytics solution to help them identify opportunities and grow. Our aim is to provide customers a faster, more effective way to do this by connecting data from various sources and channels, in addition to SuperOffice.”

“Five years ago, companies focused on optimizing their use of CRM systems. While this is still important, it is not enough. To truly understand customers, businesses need to analyze and understand customer data coming from many channels and applications. Some examples include Visma, EpiServer, Microsoft Dynamics, Xledger, Maconomy, Questback, marketing automation and customers’ own data warehouses in combination with SuperOffice,” says Gynnild.

To complement the name change, we have updated website and community. Business Analyze for SuperOffice is available from SuperOffice’s app store under the new name.

Brief History

SuperOffice Analyze was originally introduced by Business Analyze, the Norwegian business analytics company, 5 years ago for analyzing and visualizing SuperOffice data on dashboards. Today Business Analyze’s cloud analytics solution is used by more than 400 companies in 11 countries, including SuperOffice themselves.