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SuperOffice Analyze
Introducing the result of many years of cooperation between SuperOffice and Business Analyze and over a 100 mutual customers!

Predefined Dashboards - Best Practice

The collection of visualizations right out of the box with this solution are the cream of joint efforts involving Business Analyze and SuperOffice and the best practice from countless projects in leading sales organizations.


SuperOffice Analyze is an overarching dashboard for reports and analyzes from the SuperOffice CRM-system. The dashboards are transparent and role based to ensure focus on the right metrics with the ability to react to changing business needs.

Very user friendly

The solution requires no extra data to be entered by the user, as it automatically presents data already in the SuperOffice CRM-system.

Accessible at all times

The solution is accessible through your web-browser and does not require any local PC installation.

Real Time Answers

No waiting for outdated reports, no more guessing. Just fast answers to critical business questions.

Flexible and scalable solution

Expandable – little by little as the need arises. Include new standard or tailored reports from your vendor, or make them yourself with the Pro-version. Select level of ambition through the different license types from Analyzer/Viewer to Designer /Editor and finally Developer.

Self Service Analytics

The solution's powerful data visualization capabilities allows the business user to view their own data in a simple and meaningful way. It meets the business users' need for ease of use and flexibility on the one hand, and IT's need for standards and control on the other.

Value quickly delivered

SuperOffice Analyze is a predefined analytics package with very short implementation time. Just start clicking and become instantly productive.

Why SuperOffice Analyze?

SuperOffice Analyze provides historical, current and predictive views of your business, helping you:
  • Improve sales efficiency and secure revenues.
  • Simplify management of sales team & processes.
  • Increase predictability with better prognosis.
  • Improve quality in decision making.
  • Create focus, inspiration and enthusiasm around important areas (KPIs) for the company, helping implementing processes, plans & strategies.

SuperOffice Analyze come in two different versions

See more information about the different versions her:

Comparison of SuperOffice Analyze and SuperOffice Analyze PRO

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