Product Overview

Analytics made easy

Business Analyze is the simplest way to understand data and put it to good use.


Welcome to your dashboard

Welcome to your dashboard

Once you use business dashboards, you will wonder how you managed without them. Visual dashboards use graphics to help you understand data better and make more informed decisions.

  • Eliminate confusing spreadsheets and provide a single-source of data and reporting across the organization

  • Personalize dashboards for leaders, groups or individuals within or outside of the organization

  • Quickly identify changing trends, results, activities or feedback that affects your business
Enjoy the feeling of full control

Enjoy the feeling of full control

Top performing organisations are clever at setting goals, tracking KPIs and measuring performance. Now it's easier than every to have complete overview of how your business is doing.

  • Immediately get an overview of performance according to key metrics or KPIs

  • Track progress according to time period, product category or other parameters in order to see results more clearly

  • Motivate employees to take action by making progress more visible and sharing achievements
Explore data. Get answers.

Explore data. Get answers.

Our self-serve analytics are so easy that leaders, managers and other users can explore data and find answers without help from analysts or technical experts. Simply select data, apply formulas, filter, sort, group and display data by multiple levels and variables. You can even drill-down, explore and share the underlying data with a few simple clicks.

The simplest way to create reports and share insights

The simplest way to create reports and share insights

Need to prepare regular reports? Want to save up to 60% of your time? Business Analyze helps you provide stakeholders with updated facts and figures.

  • Share live dashboards to ensure the right people have the right numbers and metrics

  • Export the  entire dashboard to familiar formats such as PDF and Excel

  • Email selected reports, graphics or data sets to contacts
Combine data from multiple sources

Combine data from multiple sources

Business Analyze pulls data from one or multiple sources and combine it into easy to understand overviews. Data sources may include Excel spreadsheets, cloud services and virtually any CRM, ERP, EFM, or HR system. We are specialists in SuperOffice, Questback, GATSoft, and Visma applications.

Let's get you started

Getting started with analytics is easier than you think.
Ask us questions if you are just curious, chat with a consultant or request a live demo. 

Additional features


  • Add custom columns – add extra data that is not in your current systems, such as budget to compare to actual

  • Rapidly edit graphics – change graphic type, format and style with a single click

  • Role-based access – add, edit or delete users and regulate who can view, manipulate or design dashboard data

  • Dynamic slideshows - create slideshows in minutes and provide performance updates on TVs, screens, leaderboards and scoreboards

  • PDF report generation - Quickly and easily share analytics via email or export pdf to your computer

  • Single-sign on – access Business Analyze directly from other applications without separate login

  • Designer and developer lisences – all the flexibility you need to create new dashboards, rapidly edit graphics, and connect new data sources

  • Multi-language support – support for multi-language user interface, dashboards and labels