New business analytics for leaders: One complete view of CRM and ERP data

When we talk with business leaders, they tell us they want predictable sales processes and complete view of finances.

Many already have reports from the CRM system. Many also receive reports from accounting or finance. What is missing, is a way to pull this information together. A place where key figures pop out so it is easier to follow up or take corrective action. 

In our recent webinar, we addressed this problem and showed how key information about sales, customers, and finances are gathered on a dashboard. We call this ‘Leader Analytics.’

Why leader analytics?

  • Traditional reporting is too slow - sales and financial reports are quickly outdated
  • Sales and accounting numbers paint different pictures - one complete view is needed
  • Leaders must pull together figures from complex systems - or wait for someone else to do it

What can you do with leader analytics?

  • Look forward into what is expected to happen and back to understand what did happen
  • Quickly check that variances in figures make sense – and follow up if they don’t
  • Get notified when there are significant changes in revenues, expenses or performance metrics (KPIs)
  • Provide the rest of the leader group with better insight compared to spreadsheets or emails

See an example


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Leader analytics, like all business analytics, is about more effective use of data. Contact us directly or one of our partners for more information.

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